Friday, August 02, 2019

Wltoys 12428b (part 7; 0.7c charging and rwd conversion..)

It occurred to me that i could be using the iMax to do discharge profiling on the standard 12428b batteries (2s 1500mah LiIon); that would be much more efficient than this weird play time discharge testing.  Except that's very boring .. ;) maybe later.  For now here's the charge graph, noting it accepted 1297mah this time (at 0.7c or 1 amp).  Also note that at the end of the last play the batteries were quite out of balance: forward to some time later.  Well.. The second half of this post was supposed to be about how the car performed on that charge, and well.. it was AWESOME!! I went to a new as yet empty subdivision near my house and the thing went off!
  1. Awesome power in a straight line (now that i can control it)
  2. Steering track doesn't seem to be so bad (now i've fixed the steering)
  3. Great looks, handling.. I LOVE this thing.
But.. ..i broke it :(

It's now running rear wheel drive only, the front drive shaft (?) has come out of the front diff.  At one point I'd thought it might be cool to have a rear wheel drive car, but with this power and these tyres there was very little traction off road. 

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