Friday, August 02, 2019

Wltoys 12428b (part 6; voltage protections and standard battery charging)

So after i fixed the steering, i took the car out and was able to have a play.  When the car eventually stopped, i was pleased to see that it obviously had a voltage protection circuit (as in didn't run the battery flat) and when i checked the battery (2S LiIon) it showed 7 volts remaining (or 3.5v per cell).  I'm not sure if that's a sensible rating or not.  Note to self, look at that later.

So then set the battery to charge on my b6acv2 charger using the 2s LiIon charge setting*.  The standard battery is 1500mah so if we assume a safe charging rate is 1C then that means i set my charger to charge at 1.5A.  I then set DataExplorer to monitor the charge and this is what i found:

Forgive me the weird colors, i run my computer
with colors inverted; it looks great to me ;)

Compare this then to the nominal charge provile of a LiIon battery from Battery University, they do appear somewhat simiar, which is cool :)

 ..right enough chat.. lets play!!

* I did stuff up the other day and set the charger to use the LiPo setting, which uses a terminal voltage per cell of 4.2v.  That meant the 2s ended up with a total voltage of 8.4v and i was initially shocked then pleased that the 12428b refused to run.  After i discharged the battery a bit it ran fine.

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