Sunday, August 04, 2019

Quick review of Lipo Battery Low Voltage Alarm

These little RC Lipo Battery Low Voltage Alarm 1-8S Buzzer Indicator Checker Tester LED AZ nifties are pretty awesome.  I can't say this is an original discovery; i saw them on ebay.  The idea is you attach them somewhere on your
RC device, i zip tied mine to the battery hold down arm:

..and they'll give you a constant readout cycling between each cell voltage and a total voltage.  The bonus is you can set an alarm to beep at you when it falls below a set voltage, note; it's REALLY loud.

It's not without it's annoyances, in the end i disabled the alarm and just kept an eye on the display.  I think they could go one up on this device and also add a temperature monitor and probe; but still, i think it's awesome for AU$4.

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