Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Wltoys 12428b (part 12: shopping for parts online)

I am sure there's an art to this and I'm not quite sure if i have it down pat as yet.  Have been shopping online a bit lately and have had instances of each of the following scenarios:
  1. Item delivered on time, all good.
  2. Item delivered on time, but found to be faulty.  Refund issued.
  3. Wrong item delivered.
  4. Item not delivered (not sure if that relates to the wrong item above).
  5. Waiting a long time so you're not sure what you're waiting on.. 
  6. Item not actually available, sorry it's on backorder :/
Mind you, i did just do a bit of choose the lowest price + postage in AU, so maybe i deserve what i get.  That being said, while i wait for my "Then Cups", i wanted to collate a list of my mistakes thus far.  So, my amateur insight polished up as a cheap pro tips:
  1. Get the actual proper part number, in this case it's wl12428-0081
  2. Do a search on that, not some other weird description like "Then Cup"
  3. From the set of returns exclude any not in AU (use site:au at the end of the query)
  4. Evaluate their professionalism by some vague indeterminate metrics.
  5. Roll the die..
And thusly a list of suppliers of the wl12428-0081 part, ranked by um, yeah:
  1. http://www.worldhobbies.com.au/front-diff-outdrive-cup-then-cup
  2. https://www.alburyrcmodels.com.au/front-diff-outdrive-cup-then-cup
  3. http://www.modelengines.com.au/front-diff-outdrive-cup-then-cup
  4. https://www.supercheaphobbies.com.au/store/front-diff-outdrive-then-p-24100.html
  5. http://www.acehobbyaustralia.com.au/ which is reporting "503: Service Unavailable" so guess who's last.
So getting meta for a moment, isn't it curious how most of these sites use EXACTLY the same url, it's like they're not only using the same site, but the same data feed as well.

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