Sunday, August 25, 2019

Wltoys 12428b (part 18: plastic wheel with broken centre)

I may have over tightened the wheel nuts..

So i was thinking, i could possibly install a hex in the wheel (covered in cling wrap) and then epoxy the center up again, then drill it out.. wdyt?

UPDATE 1: I did that, well in fact i just super glued the hex in there and bolted it on with a washer.  Given there were cracks all up the arms and i expected it would just shear off given half a chance.  Yeah, so it worked for an hour or so, but then it broke again.

UPDATE 2: Meanwhile I had gone ahead and bought another car purely for spares.  That showed up the day before my fix broke and so i just pinched a rim off that and painted it up etc.

UPDATE 3: I similarly broke one of the plastic bead lock pieces, i suspect from over-tightening combined with blunt trauma.. ;) 

UPDATE 4: We broke two(!) more wheels yesterday.  The issue may have been because i used some threadlock on the wheel nuts, i think it ate the plastic away a bit.  At any rate I just bit the bullet and ordered some metal wheels off Bangood.

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