Saturday, August 03, 2019

Wltoys 12428b (part 10: painting)

So now the car is out for awhile I'll take the opportunity to paint it.  There are many screws holding the various body panels to the body frame, and after awhile with the electric screwdriver, the parts are in a pile.  Same same taking the bead locks of the wheels:

I decided to leave a black patch on the bonnet because it's racy ;) I just used some painters masking tape to leave the standard faux-carbon panel there.

.. when it's nice outside I'll paint it up I painted it, but it's like 3 degrees C out, so now the study smells like paint.  Still.. it's somehow awesome anyway ;)

Pro Tip: Using the car's packaging as a spray booth ;)
I ended up doing the wheels as well.  All back together and I think it looks awesome! :) really goes well with that blue anodizing.

POSTSCRIPT: In heindsight i scrimped on the surface preparation.  I didn't sand or even prepsol the surface at all.  So when after a few runs the paint started coming off in flakes, I only had myself to blame:

The result is a function of the preparation.. or however it goes..
So! I wire brushed it all off, then sanded it etc etc..

Effort makes the world go around..?
And currently it's looking good.. :)

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