Thursday, August 04, 2022

Wltoys 12428b (part 28: all new electrics)

So within the last two weeks I've had two significant failures:

  1. The steering servo just upped and died during a rc crawling social meet
  2. The ESC/receiver died when I connected the battery leads the wrong way..

So while both parts were replaced from my spare parts car, the spare parts car is now essentially depleted of electrics and i have no spares.

Oh no!  my bench is on fire!

So.. do i get a new spare car (currently AU$140) just for the electrics?  Or do i upgrade the just the electrics and unlock all the weird and wonderful configuration options available to proper RC cars.  The latter will preclude me from using wltoys esc/receiver and servos again on this car.

Well.. that was an obvious choice ;) while noting I already have a Futaba 3PV transmitter and a R314SB receiver (~AU$150 all up) after some consideration i have chosen:

  1. Savox SV-1250MG Mini Servo 8kg @.095 × 1 $96.99
  2. Hobbywing QuicRun WP 1080 Brushed Crawler 80A ESC $79.99

Total cost is around AU$177 and the relevant specs are below.  They're currently in the post and I'll update this post when they arrive.

I'm actually really excited to see how this turns out!! :)

Savox SV-1250MG Mini Servo:

Considerations were below, and were all met with this servo:

  1. Does it fit? The standard part below vs the replacement part..
  2. Must be happy to run on 2s lipo (7.4v); Savox call that "high voltage".
  3. Must be of quality construction because i don't want it to fail..
  4. Must be faster and stronger than the standard servo. 
  5. Must be the standard 3 wire interface, not the wltoys 5 wire interface. 
  6. Must be 25 tooth spline and accept the standard servo saver.

A cad drawing of the the standard servo

Hobbywing QuicRun WP 1080 Brushed Crawler 80A ESC

Considerations here; must be:

  1. brushed ESC (as I'm keeping the stock motor)
  2. easily configurable and have many configuration options
  3. reasonably cheap 
  4. generally well regarded

And given i plan to use this ESC in my HPI Venture crawler (because of it's compatibility with an ESP32 light and sound controller) I figured practicing on this car would be a great plan.

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