Thursday, August 04, 2022

Wltoys 12428b: How submersible?

So having suggested to my friend Hobbit that the wine tastes better if you actually do something first and having brought along both my white (modified) and blue (standard) 12428b cars we were all prepped for an exciting day.

Well it started off well with me showing off the white car then promptly disconnecting and reversing the battery leads(!) and letting the smoke out..

So armed with the just the blue one we had a bit of a play down along a grass track and it became pretty obvious how bad the standard car is..

It turns out it may have not been the nicest introduction to RC; the unmodified car was nigh on uncontrollable;

  1. extremely bouncy and very hard to keep in a straight line over uneven ground.
  2. no rear traction
    1. can't climb anything
    2. can't do power on donuts ;) or fishtails or anything.

so instead of playing it safe we went to this quite awesome little rocky area down near a somewhat raging creek.. ;) at any rate, after a good amount of fun was had a momentary brain fart resulted in the blue car driving straight into the deep end! ;) 

I pulled it straight out of the near freezing water and the lights were flashing.  I've seen that before when it stopped dead driving through a puddle.  Immediately I disconnected the battery; there may have been current for 10 seconds or so.  

It has been on the heat-pump vent overnight and I'll leave it there for a week or so and post an update.

PS: Great news, we must have done something right because Hobbit went and bought himself one for what seems to be the amazing price of AU$139 delivered.  I think that's a perfect ending :)

PPS: A week later, all dried out and works great :) a happy ending.

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