Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Wltoys 12428b (part 3; steering reversed)

From my previous post, the steering on our new Wltoys 12428b RC car is reversed..

This is bugging me now.  Part of me i am sure is quite happy to have a problem to fix.. at any rate, a quick google netted me the following pieces of advice, in no particular order:
  1. old4570 says "..The Tx has no reversing , so you will need to flip the Steering servo.."
  2. SOUL FORCE QUADS offered "..I'm just guessing here...) WITH CAR & TRANSMITTER TURNED OFF - Press & hold the "mode" button on the transmitter... then turn on transmitter and release mode button. Power on car, turn wheel to see what happens. Repeat up to 4 times if necessary... Good luck!!!
  3. Some reviews on a replacement steering servo on bangood, warning "..Compared to original WlToys 12428 - this one is inverted! Designed good, works great but I had to replace 2 wires in remote to get it working correct (my RX doesn't have inversion button)..."
Meanwhile i had already pulled the remote apart and i can see 3 wires (red, blak and white) going from the PCB to the steering wheel.  I can't be sure if reversing the polarity of the wires will help, and as yet i have no oscilloscope.. (hehe).  I also can definitively say there is no hidden servo reverse switch there..

So I put the remote back together and tested it functions as normal, ok, i didn't make it any worse :) Then tested the 2nd option, but no go, even tried an extra time!  So now I'll read up on "flipping steering servo".
  1. Someone else said i should by a servo reversing cable..
  2. Others have suggested re-soldering the servo connections internally.
.. but i really need to go to bed now .. ;)

PS: We bought two of these cars, the second one didn't have the same issue.. I had to check it several times to be sure i wasn't going insane.. weird.

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