Wednesday, July 01, 2020

A new RC car adventure!

Well I am quite excited!  I've just received a WAF of 1.0 (Wife Approval Factor) for a new RC rig :) and I have been busily watching videos trying to work out what to get.  There are SO many choices.  I thought I'd best document what I am actually looking for so that I can make the best decision optimizing for fun:
  1. A "Hobby Grade" vehicle; ie standard replaceable parts etc.
  2. One that I build up from kit; it's fun and I learn more.
  3. I prefer the leisurely stroll to a fast blast, and I am not interested in high speed accidents; I want something that does slowly well.
  4. Not all that fussed by scale look perfection; prefer form over function.
  5. I'd like to take it up the trail by myself; I have a the 12428 for use with Reuben.
So, what kind of kit?  They seem to come in two kinds:
  • RAW (only half of the parts, you spec and source the rest) I am not sure exactly which electronics, wheels, tyres, body etc I'd need for a raw kit. 
  • RTR (Ready To Run): Has everything I need for now, and because this is a hobby vehicle, I can replace them later on if i want to.
Not sure about yet:
  1. Where to get it from; parts availability
  2. If I want an RTR kit or if i want to build it up from a "raw" kit.
Top contenders, prices are indicative and in $AUD.
  1. Axial Capra AXI03004 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy Builders Kit
  2. Something based on the Axial SXC10.2 chassis:
    1. The Unimog :) AXI90075 SCX10 II™ UMG10 4WD Kit
    2. The AXI90104 SCX10 II™ Raw Builders Kit
  3. SXC10.3??
Also, to be fair, I'm currently starting to suffer from analysis paralysis!
 will however now try to pick apart the contenders based on my criteria:

 Name     Kind Cost Pros Cons
 Capra     RTR kit    
  Ultra maneuverable, portal axles

.... zzzZZZ

UPDATE 1: I visited the local hobby shop for some cabling and while I was there I ended up chatting to the fellow and ended up choosing the HPI Venture SBK.

Front axle built; the quality of this product is unreal.

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